Remember before emoticons went and ruined everything?

When the ULTIMATE romantic gesture to let someone know that you cared, was to send that person a mixed tape?

Well we're bringing it back.


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  1. “RUMP SHAKA” (Wreckx-N-Effects cover) by Chali 2NA, Aceyalone, Bionik & Grand Analog
  2. “HIT THE ROAD JACK” (Ray Charles cover) by Aceyalone, Treasure Davis and Bionik
  3. “HIDE NOR HAIR” by Ray Charles
  4. “PERFECT GAMES” by The Broken West
  5. “NEW YORK SKYLINE” by The Midway State
  6. “YOU GOTTA’ TELLER” by Zeus
  7. “TOWERS” by Amy Millan
  8. “WAITING FOR THE WORLD” by Jason Collett
  9. “SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU” (The Skyliners cover) by Ron Sexsmith
  10. “THERE’S A LIGHT” by Jay Malinowski (of Bedouin Soundclash)
  11. “ANY SENSE OF TIME” (The Inbred’s cover) by In-Flight Safety
  12. “10,432 CUTS FOR THE U.S.” by Rich Aucoin
  13. “GOOD DAY (Jonny Lungs remix)” by Mezmo
  14. “REPUTATION” by Anna Cyzon
  15. “TRUE” (Spandau Ballet cover) by The Midway State
  16. “CRYSTAL BALL” by Shannon Lyon
  17. “WE’VE ALL GOT TO BE GOING SOMEWHERE” by Jay Malinowski
  18. “TURN ME OVER” by Andrew Austin
  19. “RIFLE TOWER BLUES” by Shelter With Theives
  20. “HIETZING” by Gypsophilia


HIT THE ROAD JACK” (cover of the Ray Charles/Percy Mayfield 1961 hit”)
Performed by ACEYALONE, TREAURE DAVIS and BIONIK (The Lonely Ones)

We knew Ray Charles would roll over in his grave if he heard a hip hop version of HTRJ so we had to be slick and bring a Mark Ronson-esque arrangement to a Cab Calloway-style vocal performance. Tony Gumina, chairman of the Ray Charles Foundation called this cover “Simply, the best cover of Hit The Road Jack I have ever heard”. A great endorsement from a life-long-friend of the genius, Ray Charles.

RUMP SHAKA” (cover of Wrecks-N-Effect’s 1992 Hit “Rump Shaker”)

“Rump Shaker” is a classic and still comes up in clubs for a retro-boost or as sampled in Jay-0Z’s track “Show Me Whatchu Got”, referenced by MIA, LL Cool J and Dr Dre in their hits and now revived by Decon’s best. Produced by Bionik in Minneapolis, recorded in Los Angeles in the spring of 2010 for this film. The Rump shakes on

SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU” (cover of The Skyliners - 1958)
Performed by RON SEXSMITH

Classic song needs a classic voice. Not only does Ron adore this old 60’s style of music but he has the perfect mix of vulnerability and longing in his voice that we needed to bring to the track to serve the scene in the film.

TRUE” (cover of Spandau Ballet’s John-Hughes-Era-Classic)

The Midway State were the best choice for this song because of their soft romantic sensibility and sense of delicacy in their own album tracks. With the blessing of Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp, the band forged ahead and recorded a wonderfully intimate version of this 80’s classic during their album rehearsals.

ANY SENSE OF TIME” (cover of The Inbred’s 90’s Can-rock hit)

When we are out of love we feel like time moves too fast and we will never find that Mr/Mrs Right, but when you do fall in love, time becomes meaningless, indefinable and drifts away without a care like a beautiful song. In-Flight Safety have truly made this song their own and now we share it with you.


Jay Malinowski (Bedouin Sound Clash), The Broken West, Amy Millan (Stars, Broken Social Scene) Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene), Zeus, Rich Aucoin,, The Midway State, Shannon Lyon and other great emerging artists fill out the rest of the Textuality soundtrack. From folk to rock to electro-madness, we’ve got the some of the best tunes that the North American indie scene has to offer.


Mike O’Connor, Mojo Group of Companies
Jagori Tanna, Mojo Group of Companies
David Hayman, Vapor Music
Heather Adamo, Vapor Music